Questions about what is included in our branding packages?

Choose a feature below for more information on what it includes.

  • The business or personal website includes the following:

    Install Wordpress on your hosting ($59 value)
    FREE Premium theme ($49 value)
    Install Theme
    Professionaly design up to five pages
    We create the content
    We provide stock images up to 2 per page
    Contact form with Captcha
    Location Map
    Social Media Integration
    Other features as needed

    If all you need is a website and you don’t need the rest of the services that come with a branding package, please see our wordpress web design services page on our main website.

  • As part of our all inclusive packages, we are happy to provide you with our professional content creation services.  

    Our content experts will create content that is perfect for your situation.  The content will be original, up to 1,000 words per page, and will be optimized to fit in with the SEO/marketing strategy that we will develop as part of the branding service that we will be providing to you.

  • We will provide relevant stock photos for your website at no additional charge (1 per page).  Any photos that you already have that you want included on your website should be sent to us at the beginning of the project so that we can integrate them into the design of your website.

  • Our design team will make a professional logo for your company.  This logo will turn into the foundation of your “look” and will be used on almost everything that we do for you.

    If you already have a logo that you want to use, this should be sent to us at the start of the project.  No credit will be given if you already have a logo.

  • Your branding package also comes with a professionally designed business card that will contain all of your pertinent information along with your new logo.  

    You will receive proofs to confirm that you love the design before the final file is sent to you.

    You will receive the print-ready file so that you can order your business cards from wherever you would like.

  • Your branding package will also come with a letter head design that matches your business cards and logo.  This helps to have a greater measure of brand recognition.

    Your letter head file can be printed to create blank letter head pages or you can duplicate the word processing file and then type right into the document itself.

  • Social media is a vital aspect of your branding service.  Our team will design your new facebook and twitter profiles and optimize them according to the branding goals that have been created with you.

    If you already have facebook and twitter, then we will go through and make design changes to make your pages more appealing to your visitors and more attractive to search engines at the same time.

  • SEO setup includes: on page optimization of up to 5 pages, registration with google, bing, and yahoo, meta tags, site map, in depth keyword research, competition analysis, SEO strategy plan, up to 20 back links, and setup in our state of the art monitoring system.

    If you are just looking for SEO and not for everything else that our branding packages come with, please visit our affordable seo services page at our main website.

  • As part of the SEO setup we will make an SEO strategy plan as a result of the in depth keyword research that we will do for you.

    This plan will include which main keyword phrase we will be optimizing for as well as others that we may also experience success with.  We will outline in a diagram how many links you will be receiving and from what types of sources.

    The marketing plan will identify what avenues of advertising both online and offline that should be used.  Some of the points that are mentioned will have to be implemented by you in your day to day business operations for them to have success.

    We are happy to speak with you about either of these plans at any time to help you to understand them and what we are doing.

  • When you sign up for a branding package, you will automatically be given a hosting account on one of our servers.  We provide very stable, 99.9% uptime hosting for your needs.  By default, you will be allowed 2gb of disk space and unlimited bandwidth.  We will monitor how much space is being used and how much is needed and we may adjust the amount of disk space if it become necessary.  

    If your website starts to use to many resources, then we may need to talk about a more powerful hosting option for your needs.

    please note: This hosting option has never been insufficient for any of our clients.  We are confident it will be sufficient for your needs and if it is not, we can talk about what to do next with your hosting.

    We are here for you and to help you to reach your goals.

  • A domain name that describes you or your business and what it is all about is important for success.  For example, the eXPERt branding solutions website you are looking at right now has the word branding in it so you can see what it is about.

    As part of the branding process, we will research the best possible domain name for your situation.  We will give you recommendations and you may choose from these.  If you are set on a name that is not recommended by us, that is fine, just realize that the branding process could be inhibited by a bad domain name.

    Your branding package includes an annual domain name registration.  You may choose any available .com, .net, .org, or .biz domain name that is available in our system.

    If you already have a domain name that you are using or would like to use then we can easily change your name servers to point to your new hosting account that you will have with Vettore Media, LLC.

  • We will build extra websites about you or your business as indicated in your plan every month.  Why?  Read on…

    The more that the internet is flooded with positive things about your business, the better the chances are that when people are searching for you, your business, or what you offer that they are going to find just that.

    By having extra websites built that are highly targeted in their purpose and their content and linking them to each other, to your main website, and your social media, we in essence are building a little network that is all about you or your business and we are flooding the internet with it. This is a great way to increase occurrences of the desired main keyword phrase that we will be optimizing everything for. 

  • We will be monitoring the effects of the work we are doing in the search engines.  These reports will tell us what your main website, social media, and your competition are all doing.  You will receive the indicated number of reports every month as well so you can see the progress for yourself.

  • Based on the results of the reports that we will generate, we will make needed adjustments on and off of your website as needed.  For example, if we see in a monthly report that we need to increase the number of keywords in your content and that you could benefit from another link or two, we will do that in response to the report.

    The number of reports you will receive and adjustments we will make is equal to the number included in your plan.

    For example, if you have a monthly report included in your plan, you will get one report per month and we will make needed adjustments once per month as needed in response to the report.  If you have Bi-weekly reports then you will receive two reports per month and we will make adjustments twice per month as needed, etc.

  • You will receive the indicated number of SEO reports per month according to your plan.  For more information on what these include and what we do with the data, please see FAQ “adjustments to SEO strategy” and “Monitoring of results in search engines”.

  • Our team of professional content writers will make the indicated number of press releases every month to promote your goals.  The press release will be written and include content about you or your business.  We will be in contact with you to determine what new news there may be that we could include in the press release.

    Once the press release is complete, we will submit it to major news agencies.  There will be a possibility that a news outlet may choose to contact you for more information.

    Press releases remain a great way to get information out to the public and can produce great results as we work on reaching your goals.

  • Regular activity on your twitter and facebook is essential for promoting you and/or your business. 

    We will post to your facebook and twitter the indicated number of times according to your branding plan.

    We will post relevant content that will be useful to your industry and/or current and potential clients.

    We will need your facebook and twitter passwords to be able to engage in this aspect of  branding.