Imagine, without branding services 

Someone goes to google, they type in what they are looking for, which happens to be exactly what you offer, and what do they find?  your competition, another opportunity is gone.  


Someone goes and searches for YOUR NAME and what do they find? Someone else with your name who happens to have died or is not an accurate representation of YOU.  What if that was a potential client or employer?

Branding Services Marketing Strategy

How to market yourself and/or your business

What it all comes down to is branding/marketing strategy.  In order to make you well known in your industry, it requires a plan.  This plan includes the following: Logo design,web design, plan management, offline integration of the plan, social media, traffic building to your online websites and profiles, further optimization, analysis of results, and adjustments as necessary based on results.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?  Thankfully, that’s why you have us; to do the work for you!

We will manage the entire branding process for you and all you have to do is talk to us when necessary.  We will take care of the rest and we will update you along the way.

Our workflow




Who Are We?

The Vettore Media, LLC eXPERt Branding Solutions team is made up of professionals from the internet marketing, web design, graphic design, content creation, and language translation fields.

All of these professionals are necessary to provide a high quality, professional, and effective branding solution for our clients.

We stop at nothing to make sure that our clients experience the greatest success possible in establishing and promoting their brands, leading to recognition in their field and to reaching their ultimate goals.

Branding Services by Vettore Media, LLC
Chris Marrone, Team Lead, Web Design, SEO, and founder and CEO of Vettore Media, LLC and the eXPERt Branding Solutions

What can Branding Services do for you?

Branding services can give you and your business an identity and help you become known in your industry.  Whether you are brand new to an industry or have been there for a while, branding services can help you to achieve greater goals.

For this reason, we have developed eXPERt Branding Solutions; to take you from wherever you are…further.

Branding services also make sure that when someone is searching for you or your business that they find YOU and not someone who shares your name or business idea.

Who are our clients

We work with some pretty cool brands from different industries.  Here are some of them.

The Wedding Photography Industry

We are very happy to work with Miami Wedding Photographer Benny Angene.  Benny operates his business in the Miami area and serves those who want to remember their wedding day forever.  He creates spectacular photos that evoke strong emotions when family and friends see them, and potential clients are able to find him and recognize him because of the branding services we provide, including social media, web services, marketing strategy, SEO, and more.  

Benny is well known in the area as one of the go to professionals in wedding photography in Miami. He is also experiencing a great increase in traffic to his website because of rankings in google, thereby continuing to increase brand awareness.

Services Provided to Camera Studios

Web Design
Social Media Management

Services Provided to Sturgis Home and RV Rentals

Web Design
Secure Hosting
Brand Consulting

The Property Management Industry


We are proud to be associated with a property management company that provides home rentals in Sturgis for the Sturgis motorcycle rally every year. They not only rent homes but RV’s as well.  We have been very happy to provide them with a variety of services to help them further their branding and business goals.

We are happy to report that Sturgis Home and RV Rentals is ranking very well in google for popular search terms and this results in increased brand awareness which leads to word-of-mouth advertising and becoming the “go to people” in an industry, whether it is local or beyond.

The Services Industry

Whether it is leather repair, pest control, Tours in Ecuador, window cleaning, or anything else, branding and marketing are essential to the success of it.  Leather Man Leather Cleaning and Restoration in Houston, TX enjoys a beautiful, simple website which appears on the first page of google for very popular search terms regarding leather repair in that area.  They provide leather furniture repair and restoration services to the greater Houston area. 

Leather Man Leather Cleaning, Repair, and Restoration is now well known in the area and brand recognition is built daily as more and more visitors find them and begin to do business with them.  Another success story.

Services Provided to Leather Man Leather Repair

Web Design
Brand Consulting

Renew Carpet Cleaning Colorado Springs has recently acquired Randy’s Carpet Care and Upholstery in Colorado Springs, CO.  Now, Renew is seeking to increase their visibility in search results.  That is why they have contacted us, so that they can increase their rate of new customer acquisition because they know they are the best carpet cleaners Colorado Springs has and they want to use their skills to help others live happier…with clean carpet.

We are happy to now be working with white paper writer and case study writer Billy D. Henry, CFE to help his website increase its visibility.  The goal is that people who are looking for a white paper writer, case study writer, or a freelance researcher with decades of investigative experience will be able to find Mr. Henry.  Check back often for updates on how the work is going!

Branding Services – What is Branding?

Many people feel that branding is having products with your logo on it or that it is promotional material.  Brand services is more than this.  Brand development involves three main things; the goal, the persona, and the materials.

Branding Services – Step 1 – The goal

If you have ever played sports where you have to make a goal to get a point, then you know that the net, the posts, the cup, etc. is the goal that you are trying to reach.  If you went to play and didn’t have a goal to reach then the game would be pointless wouldn’t it?  This is why having a goal to start with is so important.  In this way you can direct your blows wisely and not be swinging at the air.

The goal may be to increase local awareness of your product or service.  Maybe your goal is more grand like trying to reach a national or world-wide audience with your message.

Whatever the goal is, you are going to have to have to be recognized.  This is where making your logo comes in.  The is a lot more to a logo than you may think.  Whether you choose to go national or just stay local, people and their subconscience is the same wherever you go.  For this reason, many things need to be considered.  For example; is your product or service exclusive?  Is it maybe luxurious?  Perhaps it is very affordable and a solid option for a consumer looking to not break the bank?  Whatever it is, there is psychology that plays into it when someone will see your logo.  For this reason, this part of brand development cannot be overlooked. 

Now that you have your goal set and you’ve come up with a mind blowing, psychologically pleasing logo, lets get to the persona!

Branding Services – Step 2 – The persona

A good brand development company will be very communicative with you and will help to build the voice of your business.  What do we mean by this?  Good question.  Read on…

Every business, service, and person has a tone.  The tone that the product or service takes on is going to go right along with the message that is conveyed by its logo.  If the product, service, or person is eloquent, simple, eccentric, professional, exciting, etc. then the tone that is used in advertising it should match.  

When this is the case there is consistency in the brand and its voice and this will build recognition and confidence in the people who are using or are likely to use your product or service.  So whether you are branding a service or branding a product, this is critical and the results will likely make you very happy you acquired brand identity services

Many corporate branding companies who offer branding and design services have this down to a fine art.  This is very good news, because without the right persona for your brand, you will be going nowhere very quickly.

Branding Services – Step 3 – The materials

No branding services list of things to do would be complete without the materials.  What does this include?  The branding materials includes everything that people are going to see.  Business cards, pens, shirts, letterhead, website, etc.

We started with a goal and a logo and now we want to use that amazing logo that you made with psychological factors in mind and make sure that everyone who you talk to and who searches for you will see it on everything that is related to you.

When you hand your business card to someone and hope they will contact you and then they go to visit your website, they shouldn’t wonder if they are in the right place.  They will likely see your logo prominently displayed along with whatever other types of style that is unique to your business.

When you contact them with a quote, is it from your personal or professional email address?  Does that email address have your logo or color scheme in it as well?  When you send a letter to a client, is it on your letterhead?

All of these things play into whether you are going to be remembered or not.  All of us hope that the result will be that we will be remembered and that people aren’t going to quickly forget about us.

The conclusion of the branding services matter is…

The conclusion of the matter, everything having been heard is… That’s not all there is to branding a business.  These are just three steps that are basic and can get someone started, however each step goes much much deeper than has been discussed here.

We discuss more fine topics related to branding in our branding services blog, visit it now to find more great branding content!